Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life is no walk in the park!

I was chatting with a former schoolmate the other night. From our hi's and hello's chit chat we suddenly shifted to "substance" talk. Oh by the way, I'm really fond of conversations with people where I get to see different insights and see individuals in a different light. It teaches me a lot. Alright going back to the "substance" talk, we then talk about how life was so different in high school to what we are facing today.

High school, everybody seemed promising. We all built fantasies of how our future will be when we grow up. Those fantasies droves us to dream and have goals. Most of us stuck to it, some changed plans and others merely lost track. You hear different stories about people, some true some just hear say. Some stories make you sigh in envy for those who are doing great in their lives and other talks makes you feel lucky you're not as desperate. Looking back always makes you wonder, how easy those days were. All I think of was what pony tail to wear, what cologne to spritz, homeworks, friends, crushes, projects, school activities, phone calls, bad hair days, being grounded, weekend out with friends... all seemed easy back then. I bet all of us feel the same way now.

All of a sudden here I am, in the middle of work, quarrel with my boyfriend, missing in action with my peers and a dysfunctional home. I told my friend that I'm bored and tired, but now there are a lot of things to do and bills to pay. How I wish we can go back to the days when we are worry-free. Then he told me that LIFE IS NO WALK IN THE PARK! We have to face all that comes our way, no looking back. Just remember the lessons along the way and how good it was to feel young back then. He is right. Now no more whining and back to work;)