Saturday, February 6, 2010

excited for summer 2010

Since 2006, I’ve been going on out of town trips with friends every summer. We’ve been to places like Kawayan Cove in Batangas, Puerto Galera, Tagaytay, Baguio, Clearwater in Clark Pampanga and in Bagac, Bataan (where they shot the tv series Zorro hehe)

By the way, I just noticed in my pictures, we just love to JUMP! haha:) (see pictures) Anyway, It was only last year that I wasn’t able to plan any out of town trips because I’ve been struggling with health issues.

Poor me, confined in the hospital and at home the entire summer of last year. Boooo!!!!

January of this year, I had a pre-taste of summer when we went to Boracay, Aklan (PI) for Jessica's wedding (she's my high school best friend). I told Mic how I missed the sun, sand, water and the fresh air. I wished we could go out of town more often.

After Boracay, I’ve been so sickly again.:( That’s why I’m surprised when Mic agreed that we join our friends who are planning an out of town trip end of March to Caramoan, Camarines Sur(PI). Soooo happy!!!!:) I’m getting excited to have another sun and sand bonding with my friends. Probably we’ll take another jump shot again! Haha! I’ll definitely take lots of pictures - getting trigger happy!!!:)

But right now since I’m still my sickly self, I need to be at least not “sakitin” for a month so that I’ll enjoy this trip. For the meantime, please pass the soup and vitamins!!!:(

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do I look like myWebFace avatar?

Here's how I normally look like....

candy 1candy 2

Here's the avatar pic I made in myWebFace. (my avatar)

Does it look like me, or should I try again? Hehe:)