Tuesday, November 11, 2008

lucky to fall in love with my best friend!:)

I can't believe it's been a year! ~and I still feel lucky, or rather blessed.
Happy Anniversary B!:) Love ya!

Lucky Ft. Colbie Caillat - Jason Mraz Music Code

A little bit of side stories...

One day we were so bored that we doodled and started to have a walk down memory lane;)

Farticles - Mic always let out one loud and gaseous one the moment he got comfy with me.. I always tell him annoyingly "Stop polluting my air with your farticles!"

Felipa Apartment - our first hang out place

First Pad Purchases - when we moved out, our first pad purchases are...
His - wine glasses and aquarium
Hers - expensive scented candles *toink*

Gas Station Tambay - whenever he would pick me up wee hours in the morning to chat, we would go to the gas station near our place to have non-stop kwentuhan over Nescafe Ice and Cheetos!:)

Gifts- memorable gifts we gave each other:)

Lighthouse- the day I realized that I should be with Mic. He was in Cebu and I was in Subic, we're watching the same sunrise in different places but both wishing we're together... Mushy but true!:)

Milo and Tea B - Mic is Milo Boy and Candy is Tea & Starbucks B:)