Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Which Sex and the City Guy is Right For You?

QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ... I'm just killing time here:)

Harry is the type of guy you may not find immediately attractive. But once you get to know this down-to-earth, funny guy, you'll soon realize that looks don't play such a prominent role. With you, it's what's on the inside that counts.

When I took a quiz on which SATC gal I am, it turned out I am a Charlotte. Now my SATC is Charlotte's 2nd hubby-- why not!:) Hehe!:)

Ok, this will be my last quiz today. I'm going home! Ta-ta!!!!


ilovelucy said...

I'm such an Aiden gal!!! But I tend to date a Mr. Big.


Candice Aquino said...

Aiden is the type of guy who will give you "awwww worthy" moments! He's really the ideal bf!

Yeah I also dated a couple of Mr. Big:)

Anyway, I really love this show!:)