Wednesday, October 15, 2008

boring tue'zzz'day!!!

After Monday Sickness, here comes Tue'zzz'day!!! I am so dizzy looking at this...

that it made me browse around a couple of minutes so I can get my energy back again.

I visited a couple of cute sites. If we have internet during my gradeschool years, this sites will surely be on my bookmarks. One of the sites I visited is and it's a trip down memory lane as I recall how I would strive for decent grades before just so my mom will buy me something from GiftGate when we go to the mall. Here's an E-card I made..

I got curious where Pam got her nice avatar and I asked for the link. Look What I found!!! COFFEE GIRLS pictures that's so perfect for my office pals. It fits each of our personalities so it's really "bagay"! Aren't we adorable in cartoons? Hahaha! We used it as our YM avatars. Sooo Lovely!!! I feel young again and this pictures reminds me of scented stationaries or cute notebook covers:)





"Petiks" mode is up. Saving my docs and I'm ready to go home!! Tue'zzz'day is over!!!!:)

1 comment:

pam said...

how sweet! special mention ako ;)
nice avatars... talagang suited for the four of you!