Sunday, March 9, 2008

bubbling my fears away

*** Feb 16-17 @ Dive and Trek
*** My Intro dive
*** Dive Master: BQ Quilala IV
*** Dive buddies: Micmac, Carlo, Glenn and Thomas
*** First Lesson in Diving: ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BREATHE
-- which i forgot to do during my first attempt hahaha!:) HYPERVENTILATION
*** Equalize every now and then
*** Fishes are safe, they don't bite! (I'm still scared of them)
*** Underwater photos make me calm:)
*** I realized that there's more underneath the sea than just merely lying on the sand;)
*** Next Stop: PADI Open Water Diver Certification Course
*** "Money"ger: Michael Peter Macalua
*** Consume BULALO right away before the soup thickens
*** Buko juice is actually 1 liter of H2o haha:)
*** Glenn, we jump after 3!:)
*** Shorefront Garden Variety Divers Association Inc.(Founder: Tita Carlo)

Conquering my fear of deep waters was a liberating experience. FEAR Holds us all back - keeping our lives small and our potential un-reached. After this diving trip, I feel larger than life again. I am confident that I can do more things, I'm no longer confined in the four corners of the "what-if" world. Now I'm excited to explore my life further and be adventurous.

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micmac said...


diba its a "fish" of cake lang? hehe. B next time we dive, I'll have you licensed already so we can explore the deep blue sea together. And yes, pictures of you underwater as well. :)