Wednesday, March 5, 2008

simplicity = power

What if all you can see is in black and white? Some people may say that it's dull and boring. That's not surprising since we now live in a world of bright lights and colors.

I find black and white photos beautiful and dramatic. When I see black and white photos in galleries and web blogs, it never fail to give me a strong impression. I love the simplicity, the drama and the focus on the subject. No colors that will distract you from the details.

I've been taking a couple of photos in black and white this week and did a couple of readings about black and white photography. Being able to see past the color is a critical skill in black and white photography. Scenes that work especially well in black and white photography are those that have strong patterns, textures, angles, tones, shadows and light perspectives. Tried this few pointers I got and took a couple of snaps.

Looking at this photos I took this week, it kinda gives me a sense of power to be able to create this dramatic pictures, with so little.. just black and white.

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