Saturday, April 12, 2008

food temptation tonight

Fruit Temptation
FREE WELCHADE in the office tonight
-- comes in 4 different flavors
*Welchade Grape
*Welchade Cherry
*Welchade Watermelon Strawberry
*Welchade Screaming Wildberry

-- Angel didn't like her Welchade. Hehe:)


After grabbing a grande cup of Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato with Michelle, I arrived in my desk with 2 slices of White Pizza from Micmac along with the Choco-Pulvoron he gave me later on. What I did?

SHARE THE CALORIES WITH MY GIRLFRIENDS. Distributed the Choco-Pulvoron to Inna, Dhayve, Angel, Abi, Chrissy, Dani, CJ and Dan:)

My Prayer: Lord, if you can't make me thin... please make all my friends FAT.
Peace girls. Hahaha:) Chubby kung chubby!:)

I heard the pantry is serving lechon paksiw, pasta and ice cream. Shox... Kung kelan diet tlga eh noh?!

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