Tuesday, April 8, 2008

KWEN to'y sayo *toast to heaven from earth*

a benefit gig for our friend who passed away... a gathering of the people who loved her smile, her laugh, her antics, her company... FLY KWEN!:) just think of happy memories you had here with friends and family... we love you...

KWEN to'y sayo... 04/03/08 @Mayrics
Proceeds went to Kwen's family.
Let us sing to a friend for the last time...
feat. Ciudad, Hilera, Concrete Sam, Soapdish, Urbandub, Itchyworms, Moonstar88, Teenage Hero, Silent Sanctuary...

what i realized from kwen's unexpected death...
-- life is too short
-- don't let the day pass with regrets
-- love and treasure people around you
-- SPEND TIME with your family and friends
-- ALWAYS keep in touch with your circle
-- believe everything happens for a reason
-- appreciate good things that you experience
-- be thankful for your blessings
-- don't let moments slip away
-- take a chance, if it changes your life, LET IT
-- most of all, DON'T LOSE FAITH IN GOD!

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micmac said...

Kwen, I didnt get the chance to meet you..but the people's turn out during the concert is enough proof that you have touched so many lives, as you have touched my girlfriend's life as well. You will be missed by many. Live on in His grace, Kwen!