Monday, June 9, 2008

Because Candy Says So...

I was editing my Friendster sites(yes I have 2 accounts) and saw a couple of pictures that means more to me than merely just adding the caption "with Nicole in Libis" etc. Indeed pictures can paint a thousand words and these pictures reminds me of the lessons that I've learned along the way. Some entries may sound a bit Dr. Phil-ish but all of the words are all based on my realization. I can do a lot of blog entries like this! (IDEA KACHING KACHING) hehe:) I so love pictures and putting captions on them can be another thing. Hope you guys enjoy this entry.

**Teach a child to do things! (teaching Ardee how to color)**
Teach a child to do things and they will remember you. I can still clearly recall who taught me how to tie my laces -- Tita Lissa:), how to color inside the lines -- Mommy, how to brush my hair -- Lola, how to keep my hair clean and "kuto free"hehe:)- Tita Dina.. etc.

**Bring out the inner child in you:)**
A thing that worked for me when I'm down in the dumps and want to have a quick mood booster, is to see my sister Nicole or my cousin Sacha. They remind me of how we used to be when we were young. Carefree, Young and FULL OF HOPE that there is a BIG TOMORROW ahead of us. So I made this mantra for my sister and cousin, WHEN SAD, JUST REMEMBER HOW WE ARE WHEN WE WERE YOUNG-- and you know where to reach me. :)

I noticed this picture and saw the sign behind us. Indeed true. It has been a tried and tested thing that the stuff that works in life are those with strong foundations. Sometimes we dive ahead not knowing what's ahead of us, and if the water is shallow we get hurt. Same goes with relationships, always face it like there's a warning sign and don't go for the "kilig(shallow)" feelings right away. Just go for it when you know that it's deep enough, with a foundation. Mic and I started from strangers to colleagues, friends to best friends and now partners in life. MICMAC = my part time lover full time best friend for life...AND IT WORKS FOR ME.

**if your soul is shining,it won't matter if it's raining outside**
Nuff said. I heard from a friend that there's this girl who keeps on checking my Friendster and then talks shit about me. Girlie, the news keeps on reaching me. You don't know me to judge me, and it won't matter anyway. Piece of advice, save the effort and move on with your life. Insecure girls talk about other girls. Quit it and do a favor for your self esteem:)

**Conquered my fear of deep water-- Childhood dream: Be Ariel of Little Mermaid:) *check**
It was a lot of gathered strength and courage. At first I thought I will quit. I hyperventilated the first try, but I said to myself, I'm not going home with no stories and UNDERWATER PICTURES! So that's it! All I thought was my passion of having pictures and I did it. A very liberating experience. DARE TO CONQUER YOUR FEARS. IT'S A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.

My name means radiance. I hope I'm living up to my real name. I know I'm doing a good job with my nick Candy(sweet) hehe:)

***black and white Baguio Sunshine--turning point--***
Some events in our life are unexplainable and still have a lot of hanging questions. Though how painful this events may be, it happened for a reason. And sometimes, you don't have to hear the answer from the person/people who caused the pain. Sometimes all you need to do is find the answers yourself and learn to know yourself more.

***ipod therapy--music soothes my soul..lalalalala:)***
Music is made for the soul. It's amazing how music can speak to your heart and sometimes we can relate to them. The irony of it is that it makes you feel you are not alone in the world who felt the exact same emotion you felt through the words of the song. For me, it made me feel that I'm not journeying alone.

***the spark--that started the rest of my life***
SIDE STORIES.. I have a lot of them. I found this pic and said YES THIS IS THE PIC! -- that started the spark of my new found life. It changed me and it nudged me of what I wanted my life should be. I don't want to dance alone anymore:) AND IT HAPPENED!

**CANDY WINK by the kids***
(Brea and Jersey--Michelle and Dhayve's daughters-- shot using my camera phone)
I love it when I see this 2 girls. At a young age, they've become friends(they just turned 3). And they love each other and kiss each other. It's just so sweet. I love a friendship like that, innocent and sweet. I still have a few friends who were my friends from the innocent and sweet stage and still is my friend up to now at my SWEET ONLY stage. Hahaha:)

**I love cute stuff:) it makes me kikay like that...**
I keep on buying small cute stuff. I think it's sort of RETAIL THERAPY. Well I noticed my number of "abubut" when I packed my stuff and moved out that I have plenty of them..some were even not used at all.. Well what I did was gave some to my sister Nicole and some to daughters of friends. :) No regrets. It made other people happy and I won't keep myself on my next impulse on buying that cute thingy.

***crossroads of my life! im not afraid to cross them:)***
Let me quote Meredith Grey on this one: "At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them. But there are some lines... that are way too dangerous to cross.."

***hmmmmusicbytes -=candy=-***
To live is to dance and to dance is to live. Dance to life's tunes. and let the hmmmmusicbytes(this is my original word)

***Clearwater, FL :) --the bridge is quite shaky--***
When we cross bridges in our life and it's a bit shaky, it's not the end of everything. Quakes in our life teaches us to be calm and composed, time for yourself to think of the next great step. Slowly step by step, you'll be able to reach on a solution. Sometimes there's a raft waiting at the end to save us. Doesn't mean that you're done with trying, it's just that your on a better path on surviving:)

***WONT B. USED == may she rest in peace***
OK girls, Wont B. Used already passed away. She's no good role model or example so let's just focus on another model. It's time we learn from great females of our time. Learn more about Dame Mary Warnock. (Research Time!) for starters hehe:) Googling...

***Kick the nasty habit guys! (poof all i see is red)***
Yes I was a smoker and I did quit cold turkey style. It's hard especially during stressful days and you're used to de-stress using a stick. This habit used to comfort me at times I can't get anyone to run to but still it's BAD HABIT. It serves it's purpose when I needed it at the moment but it will slowly kill me. So just like bad relationships that can be addictive, I tossed this just like that:) It taught me something, DETERMINATION. It's almost a year and I'm enjoying the smoke free lifestyle.

*** STRESSTABS! haha***
WORK + FUN = BYE BYE STRESS - trying to stick to this formula. Hehe!

***sunrise that should've been spent together -- but now we're together:)***
There are places and things that we didn't attend to because we have to do something else. One thing I learned about regretting not going to places and events is not to worry if you can't make it at that moment. Sometimes there is a bigger surprise waiting. No hurries, live life day by day.

***candy = an animated storyteller***
People say I'm very animated when telling stories. Sometimes I can make a corny joke sound.. ok not funny but more corny... because I'm like acting along with it. That is just my thing. Watch me when I talk:) haha!

***Friends are our journal keepers!(my gfs unite! rc, kaye, inna and jess)***
My Journal Keepers are the ones that will remind me over and over again during get togethers about my stupidity, mistakes, LOL moments etc. I'm glad I was able to let the girls of my life meet and eventually they've become friends too.
Jessica- gf since Grade6, Kaye and RC- ICT gfs, Michelle- Branders gf

***dare to be crazy!!! (my bodyguards)***
Sometimes, what a group of people need is a good laugh. I did this as a dare when the OMS team went to Enchanted Kingdom for Team Bldg. Katch asked me to pose with 2 security guards in exchange of 2 PTO(Vacation Leave) and I DID IT:)

***YOUTH is not defined by your age:) -- Our hip-Lola, she brought us up with Style:)***
My grandma is 70 years old and she can still pass for someone that look like my mom. She's very conscious about her health. She's into vegan lifestyle, still very much updated in fashion, goes to the gym regularly and still have her complete set of PERMANENT TEETH:) She's an inspiration for me.

***set apart-- i enjoy my quiet time:)***
We need time to set apart and enjoy ourselves. I'm now a believer of the saying -- In order for others to enjoy your company, you have to enjoy your own company. Realize what are your traits that other people raves about and also rants about you. Strengthen the raves and change the rants:)

***ICT ad *dream to be on print ad, billboard and posters* CHECK!***
Another childhood-dream-come-true!

***aspiring photographer and lomographer***
Working on this other dream;)


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