Thursday, June 26, 2008


I forwarded this chain text/IM to my friends...

FLASHBACK: Text me 1 memory we had together. The first one that pops in your head. Keep this going and see what they remember about you:)

And the replies that I got...

Hay Naku.. Sining Tanghalan days pa.
- Angeli Garcia

To and Fro St. Scho. Not going home right away. Hehehe.
- Luanne Penano-Mario

I really can't forget the day you pinched my butt during one of Sadanawan Rehearsals. Actually you didn't pinch, you squeezed kasi you used your five fingers. Haha!
- Shaun Marasigan.

I remember our Prov moments! You always sing High of Lighthouse Family.
- Sarah Tiangco

Ah edi yung nagsasayaw tayo sa harap ng Forum pag pinaparing mo yun cellphone ko tapos ringtone ko "In the club"! Hahaha! Remember? Miss you na! :)
- Liza Ranillo

We were at starbucks making chitchat and catching up on a lot of things about each other while soooper scared about finding out if ***SECRET***.
- Tin Reyes

I remember when I was just new at Branders, nag CR ako then napadaan ako sa station mo, di pa kita personally nakilala but you said HI to me and gave me a sweet smile. You also YMd me to greet me on my birthday considering that we're not yet close at that time!
- Dhayve Besona

- Michelle Alcantara

Yung inuman sa Libis. 4th of July! Yung tinuluan kita ng laway!
- Abi Balaoing

Andami! Pero first thing naalala ko sa Agogo tayong dalawa. Gym dapat pero tamad. Nagkwentuhan lang tayo about family naten. Tapos may text ka sakin after na surprised ka how strong I am and that I deserve all the good things that come to me.
- Michelle Alo

Boxing? Hehe! Mas-dominant yung nagstage play tyo kay Tim.
- CJ Aguilar

When you told me you were moving in with Mic, I felt we had a real "connection". It was heartwarming! Yihee!
- Angel Oracion

Holloween..last year..go spartans! ikaw yung reyna !
- Cecille Alfonso

Hhmmm...during the time that we would be at the lung center talking and smoking. Watz up gurrl?
- Catherine Arceo

Friendster...u helped me sign up for FS. 1 more thing....dami nalilink sayo lalo na si Anthony ba yung name nya? hehehe I still remember pano siya dumiskarte sayo....wahehehe....baduy
And you love lollipops!!!
- Vien Andres

We ate ice cream in shangrila... I could go on u know.. Chaka yung sa podium..
- Ryan Herrera

- John Villostas

Spice girl the movie!
- Jessica Cruz

Batangas trip naten na nagend up sa Linden Suites! Haha!
- Kathy Matias

hmmm the new year dinner we had at AIC.
-- Marti Bismark

Kwentuhan sa bathroom.
- Nicole Aquino

Yung nagkwentuhan tayo in your room tapos kasama natin si Ate yung first time kong umiyak dun sa stuff na kinwento ko.. nung wala si yela..
-- Nisha Dilla

uhm..dive and trek dive trip
- Carlo Laserna

Nililigawan ka pa ni Mac.. and you were so undecided and confused. You and me we had a yosi break and talked what was going on. That was even the first time we actually met hahaha.
- Jody Reyes

Memory? nung naka volks shirt ka tapos sinetup mo kame ni Mac.
Sinetup mo kame ni Jody with Mac.
- JC Susara

Tagaytay drive... uhm...ang dami eh..
like yung pinaiyak mo ko sa car sa super happy ko..
or yung mga tambay natin sa gas station..
or yung mga early morning breakfast natin kung saan saan..
yung Sofitel....
- Micmac Macalua

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Pam said...

Now ko pa lng finally nabasa blog mo.
This entry's really cute and heartwarming at the same time :)