Sunday, July 27, 2008

i knew it!!! Say it Again!:)

It's really raining hard outside with strong winds and all. I was trying to watch One Tree Hill 5 online when the Part2 of Episode 5 was screwing up. Out of my boredom, I reached for the latest Cosmo mag scattered in the room and started to browse. Then I came across the Buzzlist, not really my favorite part of Cosmo but since I haven't read that part yet... I started to read... then Baaaam!!! Saw a write up about Marie Digby's first album, Unfold.

I have posted a playlist of Marie Digby last December 07. She was my Holiday favorite. And I knew she will make it and record an album someday. :)
See previous post:

So I channeled immediately to YouTube and started looking up her videos.
Here is her first music video:) (World Premiere)

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