Wednesday, July 30, 2008

who's my TV Boyfriend?

Jim Halpert (John Krasinski)

Sweet, sweet Jim. As cute as he is charming and sensitive, and able to make you feel good and have a big laugh any time you need it. Jim's worldview may seem a bit limited -- after all, it's largely a ragin' case of apathy that keeps him locked in to his "could do it with one hand tied behind his back" job at Dunder Mifflin -- but that's also part of his appeal; the love of one good woman is all this tall, cool drink of water needs to make him happy. Nice choice in TV boyfriends!

I am no big fan of the sitcom The Office. But after taking this quiz, I think I'm going to watch the series. Hehehe! It's a trip of "getting to know my TV BF!" Jim Halpert, we have a date in the boob tube soon!;) This is a no pressure date, it's just to keep me company when I'm sleepless during weekdays! See ya soon! Hahahaha!!!

To take this quiz, click on the link..

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