Wednesday, May 21, 2008 won't be the same without...

Michael Peter "Micmac" Macalua
* Here is where our story started.
* My office bess turned B:)
* Never failed to give me a pat on the back when I'm doing well at work, and also the person I run to when I'm having a hard time juggling work and personal issues.
*Always there to cheer me up.
*A shoulder to cry on and lean on.
* MY LIFE PARTNER. -- I'll miss the surprise snacks on my desk, the boner bashing with Jody, the chismis you always have handy for the OMS team, your persistent ways to make me go on break, the way you sneak in to my station... and I can go on and on and on...

Michelle "Inna" Alo
* She's my partner in crime:)
* We've been through the worst mood swings together. (Remember my memo? Hehe)
* I'm her baby:) -- but oftentimes, it's the other way around. Roles reverse when I start to talk about realities of life.
*A very trusted friend in and out of the office.
* The ultimate coffee buddy.
* Part of the Virgin Crew -- that includes me and Abi.
*I'll miss our ym-kulitan especially when you're making me work fast so we can take our coffee break, I'll miss your "moves" during breaks, I'll miss all the fun stories and the DRAMA... but, hey we're still going out next week;) Haha!

Dhayve Besona
* My kumare, I'm Sydney's Ninang.
* My OTOM buddy, during OTOM days.
* Coffee girl and text mate.
* Kachikahan about anything under the sun.
* A person to lean on when problems arise-- tried and tested!
*I'll miss the Heart look alike, I'll miss our ym-raving over TURTLE! and mga pasaway reps:).

Joseph "Joe, JMM" Mendez
* He's my Master -- sa kalokohan.
* Kaboom!
* We're both blessed with CIFs hahaha!
* Reliable team mate. Always yan!
*I'll miss the "inuman" after work and the Kaboom moments. Master now signing off!

It's now time to move on and explore greater opportunities guys!
Good luck and God bless! Love you all!

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