Friday, May 30, 2008

Which Sex and the City Lady Are You?

*Sex and the City*

I'm so watching this movie! One of my favorite TV shows is now showing on the big screen. I started to refresh myself by watching my SATC DVDs yesterday at home with Micmac. I think he's enjoying it too, even if he won't admit it;) Saw my email today and every alert I got is about this flick.

I took this quiz from Ivillage, and I'm happy with the result. I definitely I want to be a Charlotte:) She's my favorite among these fun and fearless women.
I like her style, her attitude and her flair in the show. Can't wait to watch the movie over the weekend!

You're Charlotte
A romantic at heart, you're strongly influenced by the intuitive, profound and sometimes naive. Though on the surface you may seem innocent and all about seeking the good in people, beneath the surface, you hide secret yearnings for intimacy, for attachment and ideal love. You want a knight in shining armor, a soul mate, someone who will complete you. You're super-sensitive, crying at commercials and sappy movies. You also provide a shoulder to cry on and open arms for hugs. Be careful that you're not so wide-eyed and trusting that you get taken in by some cunning wolf in Prince Charming's clothing.

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Nicole said...

Yea, you are so like Charlotte. :)