Monday, May 26, 2008

cebu quickstop

On the dot 5AM Saturday Morning(05242008), off to Manila Domestic Airport. Via Cebu Pacific, we flew to Cebu for our Cebu-Leyte weekend for Daddy Peter's 60th birthday.
*My first plane ride and out of Luzon vacation.
*Met Ate My, Kuya Ian and Iya for the first time.
*Sto.Nino Shrine and Magellan's Cross.
*First Weesum ride to Ormoc.
*First weekend with the Macalua family. (minus Kuya Marc and Sharm)

my first plane tix:)

saw glysa and company in the airport

mic and candy:) first flight together

window seat;)

constipated look hehe:)

beautiful plane view:)

with iya and ate my in bayantel cebu- kuya ian's office

Sto. Nino Shrine

the long line to view the Sto.Nino iya baby:)

*will post more pics from ate my's camera and leyte trip soon;)
i'm still currently in mic's hometown enjoying the food and "pasyal". more updates and stories on next post:)

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