Thursday, May 15, 2008


I've been on high and lows with my emotions and I'm going crazy. The being emotional part is a side effect of the medication I am taking. The inconsistencies of my mood may be a mix of medication, sugar rush and adaptation to my new lifestyle. Sometimes I just find myself welling into tears when I have this sad feeling that's overpowering, but sometimes it's at no reason at all. Sounds crazy huh? I'm just blessed to have a very understanding partner who never fail to lift me up and also let my bitch fit just pass:)

I can't wait to be at the prime of my health once again. Other than my work issues, MY HEALTH is my topmost priority now. Anyway, I am now in good terms with my mom. Ever since I moved out, I can say we are making progress. Now I have Micmac, Dad, Mom, Lola, Mommy Josie and my doctors helping me recover. They are all God's angels sent to me to help and guide me everyday:)

So if you're my friend or officemate and I threw some bitch fit on you, I'm sorry! I'm just being HORMONAL:)

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