Friday, May 23, 2008

Cosme in Bolinao

Rain or shine....It's on! -- Dani Girl

Would you believe the OMS team and Art Dept. team of was in Bolinao, Pangasinan that same weekend when Cosme hit the province at signal # 3. We were stranded inside the Bungalow we rented for the weekend. The wind was whistling and it's freaking us out. At first, Michelle, Abi, Mic and I thought of it as an adventure. We changed into our swimming clothes and braved the winds towards the shore front. The waves were not nearing the shore, they were stuck in the breakwaters. The water was surprisingly warm according to Micmac. We also got free acupuncture! -- it was like sandstorm. The strong winds blew some sand and when it hit our skin it was piercing like needles. So we thought, it's a bad idea to stay at the beach area. We went back to the resort and dove into the pool.

After a while we got back to the hut were the boys were drinking booze. Mic and I decided to go back to the house so we can clean up and to rest before dinner time. While we were inside the house chatting with Dani, Angel and Carlo, Abi came with news that Becky was bleeding. (Becky's 3 month pregnant) Becky was rushed by Ronnie together with Liza and Jamie to the nearest(1 hour away) hospital during the hit of signal#3 in that area. Theirs was a different adventure. Jamie told us that they encountered a lot of fallen trees and electric posts on the road. Good thing Becky is now doing fine and is recovering back in Manila. The baby is fine too. Becky just need bed rest.

The morning after the storm, the sky was brighter, the winds were tamer and so we decided to get back to our swim wear and take some pictures. So here it is, our Stormy Bolinao experience.

Fortune cookies at the NLEX stopover.

*coaster ride*

*country mouse*- they have round ears

Caroline Beach Resort -- "only the best" haha:)

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