Saturday, May 10, 2008

the great umbilical cord

Ma. Digna *MARIDI* Dilla- Aquino
She is my FIRST great love, FIRST kiss, FIRST best friend, FIRST teacher, FIRST fashion mentor.. and a lot more. Yet she is also my worst critic and enemy.
Of course, SHE IS MY MOTHER.

She may not be a kissing mother but I know that she loves me with all her heart.
Even if we fight a lot, at the end of the day, she's the one I want to talk to and share my daily stories. Whenever I fail, she's also the person I want to hear say "I told you so!"

We are in a "growing pains" stage in our life right now. I'm glad we're now getting to the smooth road. Life won't be the same without my mom.

I love you mom! Sorry for all the pains and disappointments! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! You're life's greatest blessing to me! I love you!


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